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Get a Greener Yard with First-Rate Topsoil

Misze Sand Mine’s loam topsoil is mixed with clay so your plants can develop the strong roots they need to stay green and healthy. You’ll save on watering costs since our clay topsoil requires 1/3 of the water used by non-clay topsoil.

Along with providing unique and high-quality topsoil, you can also count on Misze Sand Mine for FREE topsoil estimates so you know the price right up-front. There will be no surprises when working with us!

  • Beach volleyball sand and private volleyball courts

  • Beach fortification

  • Construction fill sand

  • Children’s play areas, daycares, and sandboxes

Misze Sand Mine offers you clay that can be used in gardens as well as motocross and RC tracks. The clay can be packed hard to give you a perfect racing surface. Mixing clay in your garden or lawn will conserve water because it retains moisture by the roots.

FREE estimates on topsoil

Multi-purpose clay

Fill, beach and play sand

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